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  2. St Patrick's & St Joseph's
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    St Patrick's & St Joseph's Schools

    Useful Music Links

    Below is a list of music websites you can visit.

    Virtual Orchestra
    Virtual Keyboard
    Virtual Xylophone
    Virtual Native Flute
    The Music House
    The Orchestra – Instruments
    Learn about instruments
    Early Instruments
    BBC Musical Mysteries – KS2
    BBC Music Games
    Alfy Music Mania
    Music Games
    Creating Music
    Musical Instruments Word Search
    Y4 Playground Games
    Y4 Painting with Sound
    Y4 Moods
    Y4 Setting the Scene
    Y4 BBC – Moods
    i-board Humpty Compose
    Science of Music





    Action Songs for All Ages 

    Aerobic Exercise: Heartbeat – Caroline and Danny
    Ants in Your Pants (Exercise and Rest) < – Caroline and Danny
    Boogie Woogie Bones – Exercise Your Smarts
    The Bunny Hop – Children’s All-Time Rhythm Favorites
    Can You Move Like Me? – Caroline and Danny
    Cardio March – Exercise Your Smarts
    Chicken Fat – Children’s All-Time Rhythm Favorites
    Cock-a-Doodle – Tim Christenbury
    Fitness Test – Exercise Your Smarts
    Here We Go Loopty Loo (Funky Version)– Caroline and Danny
    Jump Shout – Caroline and Danny
    Jump Up! – Music, Movement & Magination
    The Olympic Games – Jack Hartmann
    La Raspa – Traditional Children’s Dance
    Let’s Move! – Rock Solid Kids
    Now Jump! – Musical Games and Action Songs
    Parade March – Caroline and Danny
    Stand Up – Skip West
    Tisket A Tasket-Ball – Musical Games and Action Songs
    Tweet Tweet Little Birdy – Margie La Bella
    Where Are My Muscles? – Exercise Your Smarts
    Why Do We Exercise? – Exercise Your Smarts
    Wiggle My Body – Ron Brown
    Wiggle and Freeze – Cathy Bollinger
    Wiggle, Jiggle, Giggle – Caroline and Danny
    Wiggy Wiggy Wiggles – Hap Palmer

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