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    Homework Help Games

    Primary 7 A maximum of 1 hr 15 mins to include English, Maths, Science and reading tasks
    Primary 6 1 hr tasks as outlined above
    Primary 5 45 mins to include reading, spellings and either Maths or English on alternate nights
    Primary 4 30 mins as above
    Primary 3 20 mins as above
    Primary 2 15 mins to include reading and other tasks
    Primary 1 5 –10 mins maximum to include reading work and on occasions jigsaws/ games et


    In this area you will find links to help you with your homework, games to help you revise what you have learned at school and, for KS2, some revision notes to help you.  Just click on the subject below and find some help!


    Children can access their Learning N.I profile at home by going to www.c2kni.net and putting in their school username and password.


    spellings_400                             darg_and_spell_400

    Look, Cover, Say, Check                                     Drag and Spell

    Spellings                                                        BBC

    cvc_words_400              word_wheel_400

    CVC words                                       Word Wheel


    read_the_word_400            clusterbuster_400

    Read the Word                                    Cluster Buster


    prefixes_and_suffixes_400      alphabetical_order_400

    Prefixes and Suffixes                            Alphabetical Order


    compound_words_400                  homophones_400

    Compound Words                                       Homophones

    prefixes1_400              contractions_400

    Prefixes                                      Contractions




    division              new_picture_25_400

    Division                                    Counting money to 10p


    ghostbusters_400                maths_magician_400

    Ghostbusters                                     Maths Magician

    Number bonds to 50                                    Addition

    equivalent_fractions_400           fractions_decimals_percentages_400

    Equivalent Fractions                            Fractions, Decimals

    and Percentages


    fractions_revision_400                     fractions_to_decimals_400

    Fractions Revision                            Fractions to Decimals



    learn_you_tables_400      multiples_400

    Learn Your Tables                                Multiples



      times_tables      angles_game_400

    Learn Your Tables                              Angles Game

    More Games

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