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  2. St Patrick's & St Joseph's
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    St Patrick's & St Joseph's Schools

    Primary 2


    In primary 2 this term we are learning about Me in Autumn.


    In our Numeracy lessons we have been counting within 20, writing numbers and learning about all the ways of making 4. We’ve also been working with 2D shapes and measures.

     In our Literacy lessons we have been practising our letter formation, reading tricky words and writing sentences.


    Take a look at some of our work and activities in the photo gallery below.


    • Rory & Senan
    • Rona
    • Finian & Odhran
    • Aoibhin
    • Grace
    • Caitlin, Nellie Rose & Bronagh
    • Alfie
    • Emma
    • Senan & John
    • Whole Class Mental Maths- Show Me the Number game


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